Hand Rooting vs. Micro Rooting vs. Ultra Micro Rooting
Bella's Babies by the Bay ~ Reborn Nursery
Bella's Babies by the Bay ~ Reborn Nursery
Hand Rooting vs. Micro Rooting vs. Ultra Micro Rooting
Hand-rooted means the mohair is rooted with a large gauge needle and often is densely rooted with more than 3 hairs per follicle.  This method tends to leave a larger rooting hole or "follicle" and may have a pluggy look if rooted too thickly.  This is considered an older method of rooting hair and does not leave the most realistic look.

Micro-rooting involves using a smaller needle then the "hand rooting" method, therefore leaving a much smaller & less noticeable follicle.  Micro-rooting will have
1 to 3 hairs per follicle.  This method is great for creating fuller heads of hair, such as on an older baby or toddler reborn.  It still produces a nice, realistic head of hair.

Ultra micro-rooting requires only a single tiny stand of hair to be rooted at a time using the tiniest rooting needles available, typically between 42 to 46 gauge needles.  Ultra micro-rooted hair will have only 1 hair per follicle and creates the most realistic and natural head of mohair possible for your reborn baby.  This method requires a great amount of time and patience to complete, but the results are amazing and so well worth the wait.  Ultra-micro rooting is truly a labor of love!
Below are examples of my Ultra Micro-Rooting
Not all rooted mohair is alike.  It is good to know the differences between the types of rooting methods, so that you know what to expect when purchasing a reborn baby with rooted mohair.

I specialize in the Ultra Micro-Rooting method.  I use only the finest premium mohair available.  I take my time and really strive to achieve the most realistic head of baby hair possible.  This method can be used for a fuller haired look, or more sparingly for a thinning baby head.
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What is the difference between the rooting methods?
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